ASPIRA® Pleural Drainage by Merit Medical

aspira-logoAdvanced Care Solutions and Complete Medical Supplies Inc are preferred providers of the Aspira Plueral Drainage system throughout the continental United States. We are happy to be a preferred provider partnering with Merit Medical to provide this product to help patients be at home instead of extended time in a hospital.

The ASPIRA® Pleural Drainage Catheter is a tunneled, long-term catheter used to drain accumulated fluid from the pleural cavity or peritoneal cavity to relieve symptoms associated with malignant pleural effusion or acites. It is placed in the chest between the lungs and ribs where the fluid is collecting, in what is called the pleural space. The patient will be able to drain this fluid at home to relieve their symptoms, removing the need to visit the doctor each time the patient feels the symptoms.

The ASPIRA® Pleural Drainage Catheter is easy to drain and provides a compassionate treatment option for patients.

The bag allows you to drain the extra fluid from the catheter around the lungs at home. Draining fluid will help relieve symptoms such as chest pain and shortness of breath. The doctor will prescribe you how often this should be done. Our staff is able to educate patients, caregivers, physicians, home health agencies, and hospice staff on the draining and ordering process.

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