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As an accredited Consumable Medical Supply Distributor, Advanced Care Solutions and Complete Medical Supplies provide a full line of wound and skin care products, incontinence, urological, ostomy, and diabetic testing supplies, delivered right to you.

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Skin Care Products

Advanced Care Solutions and Complete Medical Supplies Inc offer a wide range of products for the protection and care of fragile skin exposed to the risk of breakdown or pressure ulcers for patients. For patients exposed to the risk of skin breakdown caused by moisture or aggressive effects of adhesive medical devices, ACS & CMS provide silicon-based products, many of them offer long-lasting protection. Talk to our experts today about the best products for wound and skin care.

Incontinence Products

In the age of baby boomers and in elderly patients we want them to continue to live safe and confident lives, to remain part of our communities. Incontinence products that have been specifically developed to help manage bladder or bowel control problems can give them back their life. Our incontinence products can provide security, confidence, and a better quality of life. Our incontinence products are sometimes temporary treatment or can be a long-term solution, depending on your needs. ACS & CMS specialize in working with many Managed Long Term Care programs. We have expertise in making sure to follow the guidelines while placing patients the correct fitted and specialized protect. Our staff has been educated and received certification in Continence Coach Awareness programs.

Urological Products

Catheters and related urological supplies are used to drain urine from the bladder when a recipient is unable to completely empty the bladder by voiding. Intermittent catheters are available in a variety of materials and sizes. Closed intermittent catheter systems are designed to help prevent urinary tract infections, and are available with or without insertion supplies. External catheters, also called condom catheters, come in various sizes and materials. Foley, or indwelling, catheters are available in latex, with silicone coatings, or all silicone. Leg Bags, generally made of soft vinyl, come in a variety of sizes and drainage options. We are trained on getting the most quality under the Medicare and Medicaid type reimbursements, and we’re experienced in providing proper documentation for more efficient products to reduce infections.


Ostomy Products

New ostomates go through a degree of emotional and physical changes. At ACS & CMS we are here to provide the support and product skillfulness to ensure patient satisfaction.  Giving the ostomy patient and their caregivers direct education to discreetly maintain an active and normal life is our focus. It will take time for new ostomy patients and their caregivers to become comfortable with an ostomy. We can help answer questions and resolve concerns about returning to work, recreation, and socializing. Our Customer Service Representatives can provide the best products available that meet all your fit and function needs. Advanced Care Solutions and Complete Medical Supplies Inc has supplies for all ostomies with their varieties of pouching systems and accessories. Call our experts today for professional service and superior products.

Diabetic Testing Products

Stop searching high and low for diabetes supplies and let Advanced Care Solutions and Complete Medical Supplies Inc manage it for you. We provide the supplies patients and their caregivers need to take charge of diabetes management. Our popular, high quality brands offer a variety of Medicare approved blood sugar testing supplies. ACS & CMS will file your claim for you, saving you time and money. We can bill your private insurance for your monitors, glucose meters, and test strips, and any other diabetic testing products that are covered.

Call Advanced Care Solutions / Complete Medical Supplies Inc for all your medical supplies. Our professional, compassionate experts can questions and provide world class consumable medical supplies.

We are a Leading Provider of Incontinence Solutions, Diabetic Supplies,
Urological, Ostomy, Wound Care Supplies, and other Home Medical Supplies.

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